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How LidiaPay works

Secure, Simple and Low Cost Digital Payment Solution

Getting Started #Demo Version

Youtube Vídeo – How to Start

Video in Portuguese but you can select your prefered language available on Youtube.

To better and fun money experience share LidiaPay to your friends using the tool on the bottow of this page.

It is incredible easy to start because we already make credit available on your account – only in demo account at the moment 😉

LidiaPay Select Demo Account 

The payment process is unified and easy for Bitcoin, Ripple and all other cryptocurrencies networks in LidiaPay. It takes a few seconds for any ordinary user.

Select Receive in the menu or on the App bottom

LidiaPay Select Receive Menu

LidiaPay Select Receive on Bottom

When you start to receive you will see the POS TERMINAL screen.

Input the Price/Value

LidiaPay POS Terminal to Receive

Choose a payment in BTC (Bitcoin) or XRP (Ripple)

LidiaPay POS Terminal Receiving BTC

Well done! Your transaction is ready to be paid by any LidiaPay user.

You can:

A) For the payment immediately *the other user is in front of you or remotely with his LidiaPay App. If remotely, just send that screenshot to him

LidiaPay Receive Transaction

B) Pay in the cashier *when the other user is physically in front of you but without the LidiaPay App from him. He will use your LidiaPay App and will pay by typing his account and his password on your cell phone, absolutely safe.

LidiaPay Pay in the Cashier

LidiaPay Pay in the Cashier Confirmation

C) Wait for payment *when you don’t have an other user interacting in real time with you. You can create the transactions and wait for payments from one or many LidiaPay users. The best way for Bulk receive payments.

Look at the transactions by rotating in the right corner, just select the one that will open the screen for immediate payment.

LidiaPay Pay Wait Payments

You can double check your transaction history to confirm the payment

Access Transactions on menu or on bottom from home screen

LidiaPay Transactions Menu

Check all of your transactions log

LidiaPay Transactions History

Additional Instructions #Live Version

If you want to add crypto credits from external application like Exchanges, Banks or Wallets 

From your external application send the value to your LidiaPay wallets

BTC wallet and QR Code

LidiaPay Bitcoin Wallet and QRCode 

XRP wallet and QR Code

LidiaPay Ripple Wallet and QRCode

Use the Deposit function bellow

Deposit button

LidiaPay Deposit Button

Deposit menu

LidiaPay Deposit Button  

Deposit screen details

LidiaPay Deposit Screen

*** Be careful about these transfers ***

– After this operation you cannot send back again to origin.
– Pay attention to use your correct wallet address, if you do not have confidence and ability, do not do this. If you make mistakes you do not rolled back. *We strongly recommend to transfer using your QRCode wallet.

Are you not familiar with these terms or procedures?

Check this out

LidiaPay no Google Play