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Blockchain Payments

empower your money and your life

Take back the value of your money using it with economic freedom

no more credit cards and abusive costs

Get out of the vicious circle of the card payments industry

improve the value of your money

Freedom to negotiate the best currency and best rates in real-time

delivery your own payment solution

As a whitelabel terms, we provide all platform and tools as a service for your tailor made payment

Frequently asked questions

According to Herodotus (~600 BC), the Lydians were the first people to use gold and silver coins and the first to establish retail shops in permanent locations.

Today, LidiaPay is the innovation of century payment. 

LidiaPay is available on Google Play.
Get LidiaPay on Google Play

Yes, anyone can, why not?

We are working with you to engage the new world of payment systems.

Some applications:

  • Peer to peer payment and receiving
  • Customers uses as a valuable wallet
  • Merchants change old-fashioned and expensive POS and Credit Card Payment systems 
  • Investors our Payment Platform optimize the balance through a set of digital money wallets created for the user.

The pricing starts from (0.10%) automatically charged via crypto available + Blockchain fee of each transaction

  1. Your real balance in cryptocurrency: On each Blockchain, now available for Bitcoin and Ripple.
  2. The balance information: Secure on LidiaPay platform account.

We maintain the highest level of security without human intervention, we apply the encryption technique and access via machine to machine.

Some features:

  • Proprietary data encryption and cryptography
  • Public and private key storage and retrieval using the most advanced techniques
  • Geographic dispersion of cloud servers

Just following theses steps:

  1. Download LidiaPay App:
  2. Install and setup your LidiaPay account
  3. Charge your balance with crypto BTC or XRP
  4. Pay for others LidiaPay general users